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Modern Mores – Yesterdays and Tomorrows

Photography by Danielle Nemet
Video installation by Dona Arbabzadeh

...Opening: SEPTEMBER 17 2010

The modern age is obsessed with the notion of recycling. As evident in all modules of popular culture, ideas are regenerated constantly: fashion’s obsession with vintage, sampling within music, appropriation in moving image, and so on. This raises the issue of maintaining an identity within our generation – a generation that grows by reclaiming existing ideas and personae, making sense of them by placing them in contemporary context.

MODERN MORES- Yesterdays and Tomorrows will showcase recent works by local video artist Dona Arbabzadeh and photographer Danielle Nemet of what they feel represents the modern age -- an age that uses the past’s obsession with the future and today’s obsession with the past as a weapon of moving forward in time.

11pm – Psychedelic situation, set from Actual Water

PWYC OR $5+ and you get a free zine

DJs Broken Treefort aka Onakabazien  and Slim Twig

Photo prints AND t-shirts will be for sale!

Opening Event from 8:00 on, if interested in buying or private viewing contact me and come earlier in the day.